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Silentworld Sans Frontieres

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Welcome to the Silent World Sans Frontieres!!


The Deaf community is at a great disadvantage in obtaining lifelong skills due to their disability as well as being restricted in mobility because most of the time they are misunderstood and often face communication barriers.


Communication for the Deaf is the key barrier to having a full and inclusive life.


These barriers therefore affect their lives in the learning opportunities to live or work both in the UK and abroad.


Deaf children are often supported well at school due to new technology, but are then often left to live in their isolated world without further aspirations, many of which do not work and remain on benefits in the long term.


Many Local authorities that are under resourced tend to concentrate their support on adaptations and machines in both the home, and on the rare occasion at work, rather than encouraging or supporting employment projects, workshops, training new life long skills and socialising.


The Main aims of this project is to share transnational cultural awareness and sharing of sign languages between all of us, and engaging in various activities to bring down the barriers between the Deaf and the community.


The objectives is to be sharing and participation in educational network (Skype, Facebook) social enterprises, employment projects, deaf clubs, disability support network, sports and social activities.

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Ensure a world in which the language, culture, community, diversity and heritage of Deaf people in both the UK  is respected and fully protected, ensuring that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  can participate and contribute as equal and valued citizens in the wider society. This will be achieved through:


Improving the quality of life by empowering Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and groups;


Enhancing freedom, equality and diversity


Protecting and promoting BSL


Delivering Deaf awareness courses


Mission Statement